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Cool Jewels Video Slot Review

Cool Jewels Video Slot Review

Cool Jewels is a slot machine that certainly lives up to its name – it has a ton of jewels and it is really cool. This is not a traditional reel based slot machine, instead it works kind of like Bejeweled or Candy Crush. Like those classic video games, the goal is to match jewels to make them disappear, making place for new falling jewels. There’s a lot to explain here, so let’s get into what makes this game so cool and refreshing.

Cool Jewels Gameplay

Features and Design

Like we said before, Cool Jewels doesn’t have any reels. It’s a 6×6 grid filled to the brink with jewels of all sorts, as well as a symbol that gives you a x10 multiplier. When you click the spin button, jewels will fall down and fill all the spots. The goal is to match 4 or more jewels of the same color, either horizontally, vertically, or in clusters. Once that happens, the winning symbols will disappear and the jewels above it will fall down to take their place, while new jewels are added at the top.

The more symbols you match up, and the longer you keep the chain going, the bigger the prizes get. This can be tracked on the bar of the right side of the grid, which tells you how much the symbols are worth after each spin. The longer the winning chain, the bigger the rewards get, and you will see that the potential grows exponentially the more you win. And while it might look like a video game, this slot has some serious big win potential and a great RTP.

There’s also three different wilds: exploding wilds, shocking wilds and blasting wilds. These clear out a lot of jewels on the board in different ways, such as shooting a beam in all direction or exploding all the jewels around the wild. There’s also wild pairs that gives you extra beefy reward by matching wilds on the same line.

Cool Jewels Bonus Game

Free Spins Bonus Game

To activate the bonus game, you need to destroy the Cool Jewel symbols scattered all around the board. This can only be done by getting rid of them using the different types of wilds we wrote about earlier. Once you have at least 3 of them, the free spins are activated and you’ll increase your chances of a big win without having to pay for it.

On the right side of the grid there is another meter, this shows you how many cool jewel symbols you have destroyed, and how many more you need to get more free spins. The maximum amount of free spins is 20, which you get by destroying 7 Cool Jewel symbols.


Keep your cool and get the chains going, and there’s basically no limit on how much you can win. The Cool Jewels slot shows a lot of innovation, and you should definitely try it out if you are looking for something fun and new. With its relaxing sounds and chilling atmosphere it’s hard to not love it.

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